Medium / Intuitive Readings

A medium is a person whom connects with this world and the next and is an instrument to demonstrate that we never die and we go on.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a natural method of healing, channeling energy through the hands. Its name comes from 2 Japanese characters, Rei meaning universal, and Ki meaning vital, or life force energy.


Lillian offers Mediumship Development courses for those who are feeling called to work with the spirit world.

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I had the privilege of becoming one of Lillian Suarez's students this year. I was in her beginners mediumship course and her intermediate class. When I signed up for the first class I thought it was just another one of those learned to meditate and maybe feel a tingle in my stomach kind of classes. Boy was I wrong.

I found that for me developing my claires meant healing a life time of pain. Through the classes and the guidance of Lillian I not only healed, I learned to shine. I went from a person that did not know them self to a person that loved them self. I also learned how to quiet my mind and open to spirit. I found I was in a constant contact with spirit and they are always giving me beautiful and loving messages to pass onto others. I met and became close to my guides, and strengthened my connection with source. The time I spent with Lillian changed my life.......And I look forward to many more classes and mentorships with Lillian........she is not only my teacher and my friend she is my soul sister.


"I have taken several classes with Lillian over the course of the last two years. In all of this she has helped me grow exponentially, not only in my Mediumship, but as a Reiki Master-teacher as well. She is an amazing Mentor, who listens and guides selflessly. My journey would not have been what it has been without her amazing patience and ability to teach and coach. Thank you beautiful soul for being a part of my story!!"


It is said that when the student is ready, the Master appears. I had been wanting to take a class to deepen my mediumship. I happened to find Lillian's group on line. I wondered how I could learn on line, but wanted something that would balance my home life and demands. Lillian has taught from her heart. With Lillian I have grown in my mediumship, and as a person. Her ability to guide and to teach is god given. Through it I have healed and learned so much. I am able to stand in a room full of Professional mediums that have trained Lisa Williams and James Van Progue and be on the same level as them. Lillian is truly a gifted teacher and I will forever be grateful for this journey that I have taken.

Lorraine Appleyard


I met Lillian Suarez almost 2 years ago when I went to her for a reading. She was amazing!! Her love,compassion and spirit shined so bright, I just knew I had to work with her. I started with Reiki sessions not expecting much. But the beautiful changes in my life Reiki gave me were so powerful. I continued with classes to learn Reiki from Lily. Which motivated me to take her Beginners course in mediumship and then Intermediate class. Lily is an amazing Teacher. Her love for teaching shows. She is doing this because she truly loves and cares for everyone. She wants to see everyone succeed! Lily simplifies everything for you. And before you know it you are giving readings right there in class!!


I discovered Lillian through her Facebook group. I first joined the group to practice my medium and psychic skills, because I felt I had natural abilities, but I wanted to learn properly how to perform it as a service to others. I learned about Lillian's medium courses and immediately signed up. I'm so glad I did! I learned SO much in her courses, and I am so thankful she encouraged me to push through fear and practice, practice, practice! I don't know if I would have gotten the 1:1 attention had I taken a medium course through anyone else.

I am now certified in her Beginning and Intermediate medium courses, and I feel confident to offer medium and psychic services in my spiritual business, as well as to receive personal spiritual guidance in my own life. I highly recommend working with Lillian, because she is the real deal, and she is so generous with her heart, mind, and soul.

Venus Aviv

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